The Happiest Album Ever Made

by Carry Hatchet

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sarahstpierre777 I absolutely love the album. I am a full-time university student who also work full-time and I was extremely stressed out. These songs are exatly what I needed as a reminder to breath and enjoy good music once again. I definitely recommend this album! Thank you Carry Hatchet for taking the time and making the effort to create something so amazing. Favorite track: I Can Feel No Pain.
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released November 13, 2017

All songs written and performed by Christopher Larkin
© Lazy Tongue Productions (BMI)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Alex Foote
at Eighty Feet of Sound in Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Christopher Colbert
at Numberstation in Eugene, OR

Album Art & Design by Jeremy Mickel / MCKL

Guitars (acoustic / electric / lap steel), Organs (pump / grandma’s), Casio Keyboard, Drum Programming and Percussion by Alex Foote

Vocals on ‘Grey Blues’ by Marguerite Perkins

Recorded from December 2016 - April 2017 in
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Los Angeles, CA


all rights reserved



Carry Hatchet Los Angeles, California

Profile Photo —
© Rachel Torreno

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Track Name: Soul Cycle
brother's on the run
brother could be anyone
father on the shore
father's not here anymore

passing through
there's nothing you can do

sister in the shade
'loving sister' fades away
mother on the wind
mother, go and be with him
Track Name: Julien
come have another ‘bring-me-down’
wash it all away by the fourth round
and now you’re leaving julien
hold her in your mind
you won’t see her again

one day you’ll find
in your own time
where to draw the line
and where to sleep tonight

you’ve heard it called a ‘full collapse’
that’s good for you to know because
you’re never coming back
go out and greet the waning moon
the moon’s called it a night
it couldn’t come too soon
Track Name: This Is How You Lose Your Best Friend
there’s movement in the bed
i’ll take the floor instead
afraid to even try
a penny on both eyes

the moment passed me by again
this is how you lose your best friend
i wrapped my arms around myself
and dreamed that they belonged to someone else

and i’m still on the fence
i haven’t seen you since
some things can’t be bought
a penny for your thoughts?

the moment is long dead and gone
once upon…forget it, for now
i wrap my arms around myself
and dream that they belong to someone else
Track Name: Grey Blues
fourteen days since you left me
seventeen / now twenty-one
time flies
aren’t we having fun?

keep a candle by the window
keep a wreath up on the front door
happy home
(it’s what the wreath is for)

grey blue
time to let that sadness in
keep the light out
here come those grey blues again

california / why’d you wake me?
i was having such pleasant dreams
thank the midday sun
now i’ll never sleep

dear mother / meet my father
call together every single day
‘hello, mom. hi, dad.
no, i’m not okay.’
Track Name: Crooked Knife
trace the southern line / inches down your back
couldn’t read the signs / prepared for an attack
one-two-three-four-five / balled into a fist
solitary crime / automatic grip

taken for a bride / mistaken for a wife
how can you be straight at ‘the crooked knife’?
who is there to drive? / everyone is pissed
solitary crime / automatic grip

poaching on the left / encroaching on the right
we’ve got you surrounded every single night
baby on the run / baby on your hip
solitary crime / automatic grip

california rain / will it ever come?
i see you spend your days staring at the sun
water from the eyes / water from the wrist
solitary crime / automatic grip

never even knew / never even tried
what is there to do when your lover dies?
everything is fine / take another sip
solitary crime / automatic grip
Track Name: Middlegame
someone on the outside
someone caught between
someone right in front of you
someone that you’ve never seen

now watch her cross your mind
plant your feet up on the couch
and learn what she is all about
your love is on the line
you’ll let her know next time

someone on the surface
someone in the deep
someone calls the bedroom home
someone never ever sleeps
Track Name: Downstrum
i haven’t felt this way since 1984
it’s undecided / no one knows who won the war
time has told me that i’m on the losing side
surrender everything i know before the dreamer dies

anticipate a high but then you keep it low
there’s no predicting where the argument will go
time has told me that i’m on the losing side
surrender everything i know before the dreamer dies

call the doctor in / the baby’s on the way
whatever happened to the boy of yesterday?
time has told me that i’m on the losing side
surrender everything i know before the dreamer dies
Track Name: I Can Feel No Pain
lost another one
why do we continue
to hold onto the sun
when it always burns you?
and ‘i can feel no pain’
the attitude you’re keeping
just waiting for the rain
to cover up your weeping

the rules never change
it all ends up the same way

learn to let him go
but don’t you dare say goodbye
it’s the only way i know
to keep from dying
before you come undone
take those wings you grew
and fly up to the sun
and let it burn you
Track Name: Sweetbitter
walk the earth on frozen feet
broken toes on broken streets
shatter once they hit the ground
look who’s feeling sorry now

life in love can never last
everyone becomes the past
still that leaving brings you down
look who’s feeling sorry now

water flows as water should
love is sad and sad is good
knowing how it feels to drown
no more feeling sorry now

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